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CULA (Kūla) is a Sanskrit word that can be translated as “community,” “clan” or “tribe.” Founded in 2019, CULA cafe is a destination for all of our community to enjoy simple, healthy food served in our hip, healthy, and casual cafe. At CULA cafe, we believe the choices we make about what we eat have a direct and powerful impact on our health and spirit. We are on a mission to make high-nutrition foods a convenient and realistic option for everyone by the guiding principle that nutrition should be delicious, affordable and accessible to everyone.  From our Grab & Go Cooler to Meal Prep, we have all of your freshest options!

LOADED SWEET POTATO (GF/V)          7.5 

black beans, house vegan cheese, tomato & spinach; loaded on a baked sweet potato and served with our signature sauce


lemon pepper tofu, broccoli, pickled red onion and black olives; served over brown rice and drizzled with our lemon-y hummus dressing

CULA SCRAMBLE  (GF)                      6.50 

scrambled eggs, bacon crumbles, avocado, clean ranch & choice of cheese

BUDDHA POWER BOWL (V/GF)           6.75

broccoli, chickpeas, garlic, chili flakes, tahini, and lemon tossed with spices and served over brown rice; topped with avocado


house-roasted chicken breast, buffalo sauce, tomato, feta, tomato, and mixed greens; topped with our clean ranch wrapped in a gluten free tortilla

CULA CLUB (CBR)          8

house-roasted chicken breast, bacon crumbles, shredded cheddar, tomato, mixed greens & clean ranch; wrapped in a gluten free tortilla

TACO SALAD          8

fresh lettuce mix topped with seasoned ground turkey, black beans, shredded cheddar, tomato & red onion; served with salsa and sour cream

AVOCADO TOAST          6.75

two slices of gluten free bread toasted and topped with avocado, bacon crumbles, egg, red onion, tomato & feta cheese

BIG MAC SALAD          9

fresh lettuce mix topped with ground turkey, shredded cheddar, dill pickles, tomato & red onion; served with house Mac Sauce


STRAW-VOCADO (V/K)         6 

coconut milk, avocado, strawberries, greens, chia, lime & vegan vanilla protein


CHUNKY MONKEY               5  

almond milk, banana, oats, natural peanut butter & chocolate protein

TRIPLE BERRY          5.5 

almond milk, mixed berries, banana, oats, cinnamon & vanilla protein

BIRTHDAY SHAKE          5  

almond milk, pure maple syrup, vanilla protein, vanilla extract, banana & sprinkles

BERMUDA (V)          5.5

strawberry, mango, pineapple, banana & coconut water 


baked tofu, black beans, bell pepper, tomato, garlic & spinach sauteed with our signature spice blend and served with our signature sauce

THE HANDLEBAR  (GF)         8.25 

bacon crumbles, blackberry jam, jalapenos, and swiss cheese on grilled gluten free bread; served with unsweetened applesauce

SPRING WRAP (V/GF)      6.25

house garlic hummus, topped with celery, carrot, cucumber, tomato, red onion, our signature sauce, and mixed greens wrapped in a vegan/gluten free tortilla; served with unsweetened applesauce

TERIYAKI  (V)          6.75

brown rice, broccoli, and pineapple chunks; topped with sesame seeds, lo mein noodles & house teriyaki sauce



fresh greens and house-roasted chicken breast tossed in our buffalo sauce and topped with tomato and cheddar cheese; served with our clean ranch dressing

CRUNCH WRAP (V/GF)          7

house-made vegan cheese topped with brown rice, black beans, tomato, red onion & avocado grilled in a vegan/gf tortilla; served with salsa

UGLY EGG SALAD (GF)          6.5

fresh hard-boiled eggs mixed with light mayo and chopped jalapenos, topped with avocado, mixed greens & red onion; wrapped in gluten free tortilla    

FIESTA BOWL  (V/GF)            7

mixed greens, topped with black beans, corn, bell pepper, tomato, and avocado; served with salsa

BREAKY BOWL (V/GF)       6.25 

baked sweet potato topped with banana, blueberries, housemade granola, and peanut butter



GRANDE  (V/GF)          9.5

acai puree, house-made granola, natural peanut butter, banana, strawberry, pineapple & coconut; drizzled with agave

DRIFTER  (V/GF)          7.5

acai puree, house-made granola, banana, natural peanut butter, hemp seeds, blueberries & chocolate chips


TROPICAL  (V/GF)          8

acai puree, house-made granola, pineapple, mango, & coconut; drizzled with agave

GOIN’ NUTS (V/GF)       7.5

acai puree, house-made granola, frozen banana, natural peanut butter, hemp seeds, slivered almonds, pecans & coconut; drizzled with agave

What CULA Customers Say

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Ann Smith

The food was to die for, especially the healthy desserts. Wow I just can't say enough. Atmosphere and the decorations were so warm and inviting. I highly recommend