who WE ARE & who I AM

My name is Christine, Just Christine.  I am a Mom, a Meemaw, an E, a survivor of both cancer and stroke, and I am desperately in love with (and married to) a lifetime friend.  I am silly, passionate, and completely unpredictable.  I have survived thus far thanks to all the "F" words - FAITH, FAMILY & FRIENDS.

I grew up in Clare, Michigan.  If you stop at the cafe you will see a growing photo wall of my memories of this incredible town that is the Gateway to the North.  From the original Jay's Sporting Goods, where my Mom and Step-Dad worked, to the ball diamonds at Brookwood Athletic Complex where we spent many weekends as kids watching ball games. This amazing town and the incredible people in it established me as a human.

I try very hard to be a better version of myself everyday.  That means eating right, exercising and practicing SELF-CARE.  I spend quiet moments with God in the morning and work-out with my daughter, tribe and with an incredible trainer at Clare Family Fitness nearly every day. From time-to-time, I treat myself to Squealers from Cops & Doughnuts, burgers from Time-Out Tavern, and all kinds of goodies from Ruckle's Pier!  I spend time with my husband, children, grandchildren, and Tribe of amazing women, and I do everything I can to help my community.


Every day I strive to have the healthiest cafe around for EVERY BODY and am excited to present my vision to you and all our guests.​  Our caring and committed staff will ensure you have a fantastic experience with us. We refuse to compromise on quality. We source and chop the freshest ingredients everyday.


A gluten-free, paleo, vegetarian or vegan lifestyle isn't for everyone, we know, but, even for fast-food-eaters, it is a nice change of pace to munch on some crisp veggies or fresh items sometimes.  We use only the best ingredients to keep your food “clean”.   House-made, no preservatives…and we look for non GMO foods and buy local ingredients when possible.   


. eat healthy, live healthy . and for goodness sake, HAVE FUN .